About me

DCU PortalThis site is used to test out 3D transformations using webkit based browsers, it uses some simple Javascript and a pretty standard jQuery Library.

This webpage is my WebDev playground.
Anything Course related can be found by clicking the picture above.

A little about myself:
I've returned to college to pursue computing as more than a hobby I'm currently in my 3rd year; facing into exams.
I am a current SysAdmin (2013/2014) for Redbrick and SysOps Engineer with Asavie.

Welcome to My site

This Website is Currently a shell. It is a work in progress, I chip away at it little by little if I have a few minutes downtime.

This site is intended to be viewed using Webkit Based Browsers: Safari and Chrome.

My next step is to achieve as much of this as is possible using just CSS3 & HTML5.

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